Mobile Gaming Platforms Are Funded by Hedge Funds

Mobile gaming is exploding in India and the tiny nation is currently the second biggest mobile gaming world ahead of China. However, despite its vast potential, it's still relatively obscure to most people - how much money the Indian mobile gaming sector generates each year. This is in spite of the fact that millions of people from countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia are heading to India to take part in mobile gaming events, conventions, and festivals. Gaming is all the rage in India now and is seeing a surge in popularity among young Indians.

Before getting too deep into the digital media briefing, let us lay the groundwork by looking at what exactly an in-app billing system does. When you pay for a particular in-app purchase on your mobile device, the system automatically bills your debit account and charges your credit card. It then sends an in-game notification to your phone to alert you about a new purchase. Your debit/credit card information is never shared with outside parties without your consent. See page to get the best mobile gaming platform.

The biggest news that I am here to tell you today is about Sting, who is a leading mobile gaming platform provider based in Mumbai, India. Earlier this year, he had joined Playism as its head of marketing. In his first stint, he was responsible for managing the company's marketing strategy and also took care of the day-to-day operations. He was responsible for introducing the first ever paid to play mobile games in India. In this role, he also learned the importance of working with a good billing system that allows players to pay for in-app purchases without the hassle of reloading their debit or credit cards every time they want to play. Visit this company to get the best mobile gaming platform.

With all this new found cash, Sting and his team were able to quickly and effectively complete the mobile gaming platform development and launch their first apps on the popular Android mobile platform. They have also launched a few premium games and are in the process of developing more popular games like Fight Night and Samurai Wars. In addition to financing, they received seed financing from Accel Partners, Neoprene Capital and Venture Ventures India in August. 

With all the infusion of capital, mobile gaming platform companies are able to hire the best talent to develop the games that are popular and increase the scope and appeal of their offerings. Most importantly, investors are able to witness the fruits of their labor as mobile gamers have access to high-quality games at bargain prices. The availability of cheap and quality mobile games has increased the interaction level between players and increased their loyalty towards gaming platforms. The mobile games industry is also seeing an influx of high-profile companies that are willing to invest in the sector to tap into its massive potential. This has helped developers to make the most of the changing mobile environment and created avenues for future profitability. For more information about this topic, click here: